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The River's Song

The River's Song

November 13, 2012

August 1879, Missouri River Breaks, Montana Territory. Bill Dawkins, a forty-year-old prospector and Civil War veteran, is not an outlaw, but finds himself on the run after he helps Jim and Ezra Miller, twenty-year-old twin brothers. Ezra had been unjustly imprisoned by the U. S. Army, so Dawkins and Jim busted him out of a makeshift prison.

Now the fugitives are pursued by U. S. Deputy Marshal John X. Beidler, notorious lawman and former vigilante. The diminutive marshal quickly usurps the authority of young West Point shavetail, Lieutenant William Craft, who is leading the rag-tag cavalry squadron assigned to apprehend Dawkins and the Miller brothers. True to his vigilante background, Beidler chases the trio with pathological obsession.

Hours from Beidler's clutches, Dawkins and the Millers secure passage on the steamer John M. Chambers. On board, Dawkins falls in love with the beautiful and resourceful Dr. Adeline Johnston, and the two make plans to rendezvous in Washington. With the help of Captain Joseph LaBarge, the fugitives gain a temporary lead over the ruthless marshal in a desperate chase. But if the men don't reach Seattle, they stand to lose everything—including their lives.

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AmazonEncore, Trade Paperback, November 2012, ISBN: 9781612186696